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“¡Mi casa es su casa!” ‘My house is your house’

The Southwest is known for our warm welcomes and heartfelt hospitality! Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish has been extending this same warm welcome for over 140 year, since pioneer missionary, Fr. Antonio Jouvenceau, came to Tombstone, to minister to the need of those flocking into the area following the discovery of rich silver deposits!

Although the popular concept of Tombstone, largely shaped by Hollywood, portrays our community as centered in the bars and gambling dens of Allen Street and shadowed by violence, there is another and much more enduring story, of pioneer men, women and families, who sought to build a lasting community, founded on the values of the Gospel!

That is our story, and it is a story which continues to be written, not in historic re-enactments, but in the hearts and lives of people who call Tombstone home.

Our Parish is the “Mother Church” of Cochise County and has been instrumental in planting new parishes in the surrounding area.  We continue to be part of the global Mission of the Church, and have entered our third century filled with the joy and the hope of those who are experiencing new life in Christ!

We would cordially invite you to experience that new life with us, and to know that the One who extends the invitation, “My house is your house!” is, in fact, the Lord!


Looking forward to welcoming you!




all of the People of God at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish!


Did You Know...


...that next Sunday, there will be a very special celebration in Tombstone?

It is the Feast of Corpus Christi – the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ – and it has been celebrated in our Parish for 141 years!

Pope St. John Paul II called participation in the Eucharist the “essential commitment”! In his first encyclical letter to the Faithful, Redemptor hominis (1979), the Pope wrote: “The essential commitment and, above all, the visible grace and source of supernatural strength for the Church as the People of God, is to persevere and constantly advance in Eucharistic life and Eucharistic piety, and to develop spiritually in the climate of the Eucharist.”

In identifying our participation in the Eucharist as the “essential commitment” to our Lord and His Church, Pope St. John Paul II, was repeating the truth proclaimed by the Second Vatican Council, that the ‘Eucharist is the summit and the source of the Church’s life’. In practice, this means that we are formed and grow, that we develop and mature in our Christian life by participating in the Mass (and in Eucharistic devotion) as often as we can! Like the breath coming into and sustaining our lives, we sometimes take the Eucharist for granted, it’s just “always there”. During the lockdowns and suspension of “public” Masses, many people shared how being deprived of the Eucharist, which we too often take for granted, deepened their awareness of how important (“essential”) JESUS in the Eucharist truly is in their lives!

Catholic churches are never ‘empty’, even if there are no people present! Our churches, because of the Presence of the Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament, are always ‘full’ of God! “He is here!” God is truly “with us” and will be with us, until the consummation of the ages, as He promised, because of the Eucharist!

Our Bishop Weisenburger recently wrote: “. . .to choose not to participate personally in Mass when we are capable of doing so, is to deprive ourselves of the immeasurable spiritual graces that can be received only by active participation with others in the Mass!

And, again, Pope St. John Paul II, “When celebrating the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of the Lord, the full magnitude of the divine mystery must be respected. . . in which Christ is really present and is received, the soul is filled with grace, and the pledge of future glory is given!

As St. John Vianney, the ‘Cure d’Ars, simply put it: “We go to heaven, one Communion at a time!”

Happy Corpus Christi!!



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